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Added 2014-10-22
07:20 min VIDEO

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anonymous wrote (2018-06-03 00:10:15):
Smokin hot girl! LOVE beating off over your gorgeous pee-pee & asshole! Esp, those gorgeous hanging pee-pee lips! Very good girl!
beasho wrote (2015-01-27 22:10:06):
A very beautiful young Lady. She seems to be still quite shy and new to this business. However she displays herself very well. The movements of her hands over her body still a bit fast (unsure of herself?), but still doing it perfectly well. In slow motion this would look as if she were a professional. The old waggon as scenery is a nice idea.
Jana's body is a dream with soft cuddly breasts and a dream pussy. Long inner pussy lips dangling out of the centre of her full bodied slit, caressing the wood of the old waggon as Jana sits down. Jana is rubbing her hands over her pussy continuously stressing the beauty of the pussy lips and for a fraction of time pushing out the clit. - Incredible!
Only one criticism - the video is far too short (smile - I would like to enjoy her for hours).